-February 2009-March 2011

Queer Bonds is a three-day symposium at the University of California Berkeley as well as discussions published in Duke University's Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, dedicated to exploring the intersections between sexuality and socialbility. While its genealogies are multiple, and the field of queer studies has been shaped by two powerful trajectories: on the one hand, an attempt to account for the creative forms of social and sexual bonding that have existed around, outside of, or in the interstices of "normal" sociality; on the other, and insistence on queerness as a force of subversion, refusal, and antipathy towards the social. How do conditions in our world today make it imperative that queer theory comprehend both the adhesive and corrosive dimensions of our queer bonds?
Queer BondsDuke University Journal of Lesbian and Gay StudiesQueer BondsQueer BondsQueer BondsQueer BondsQueer BondsQueer Bonds