LGBTQ Family Portrait Process

Initial Meeting

We will meet either in person or via skype to discuss your budget, any specific needs you have and answer any questions. We will:

  • Brainstorm ideas about the kind of images you want--e.g., maybe you definitely want an image of the whole family and three different final images of your kids, maybe you have a specific location in mind, or you have a specific deadline because the images are being taken to celebrate a birthday, or anniversary etc.

  • Decide upon the date, time, location and duration of your photo shoot

  • Decide upon the number of final images (images I edit before final files are ready for you to print through your account or elsewhere).

  • I will teach you how to order prints off this website and give you all the information you need to know to order beautiful prints at amazing prices. For an example of printing prices click here.

  • Based on your needs, I will give you an estimate for the cost of your photo shoot. Rates start as low as $250. You will pay a $150 deposit to schedule your photo shoot. The remainder of the fee is due on or before the day of the photo shoot. Contact me for an estimate.

Final Images and Prints

Within a few days, and often at the end of your photo shoot, you will select final images for editing and touch ups:

  • I will provide you with a selection of the best images for editing. From these you will select your final images.

  • Within 24 hours of making your final selections, you will receive an accurate estimate of when your images will be ready to order from your account on my website and when you will receive a CD of all images from your photo shoot. This often takes no longer than a week.

  • Depending on which printing services you use, and the shipping method(s) you choose, your prints and/or memorabilia will arrive anywhere from a few days to a number of weeks after you ordered them. Prints typically take a few days for production, and can be shipped with FedEx next day delivery. Since you will be making orders with outside venders, I have no control over when your prints arrive; however, the ordering process includes a production time estimate as well as a shipping estimate. Allow plenty of extra time for items like T-shirts, mugs, framed prints etc. 
    Click here to view a sample list of products and prices.