Spring Star As a photographer who whose own family ties have lead her to believe strongly in honoring a myriad of family structures and formations, I couldn't help but see the need for high quality photography services that cater specifically to LGBTQ families. By providing a nurturing space for families to express kinship in front of the camera combined with an eye for beauty and detail, I creates stunning images that reflect the specialness of each family's love and experiences, images cherished for years to come. You can trust that I will honor and respect the love you have cultivated as a family as well as produce inspiring images that document your special memories.


With custom rates starting at $250, you will find that Elizabeth's services are very affordable and flexible. Photoshoots last anywhere from 30min-a a few hours (depending on what you are looking for) and take place at a beautiful outdoor location, such as a forest, beach or one of the many historical ruins around San Francisco. Within a few days, often, at the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to select the final images for final editing and touch-ups. Final images, including all the images from the photo shoot are uploaded to an online account created specifically for you, at which point you buy only the images that you want, in the exact quantities that you want. You can order prints, key chains, magnets, and other specialty items. Printing through the website allows you to access high quality printing services, typically only offered to professional photographers. Elizabeth Lane Photography does not receive any compensation for the prints you order, and provides the option for online print ordering for your convenience only. For a sample product price list, please click here. You will also be provided with a CD of all images that you can take to your favorite printer, or print at home etc. For more information about rates or any other questions, please get in touch.