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Potluck Chefs

We would like everyone to bring a dish to share. We request that it be made with love, biodynamic/organic and gmo-free local ingredients.  Please label all ingredients as people with allergies will be present.  Please no desserts or alcohol; cake will be provided at this alcohol free event.

Flowers Bearers

If you have flowers blooming in your yard, we would be happy to have them join our bouquets! Please arrive early so you have time to put your flowers in a vase and find a place for them. Mason Jar-vases will be provided.

Flower Designer/Coordinator: Marguerite Vulfs

1. Lynne Poirier 2. Natasha Vinson 3. Candice Searles 4. Heather Peery 5. Deb Chapman  6. The Glessner Family 7. Kim Dunn  8. Katie Turner

9. Cindy and Kieth Wilson

Set-up Team

We will need 4-5 helpers to deck the oak grove, arrange tables and other miscellaneous tasks 1PM-5PM Saturday Sept. 6th and 8AM Sept. 7th. Thank you to following set-up team members:
Saturday Set-up Team Directors: 1. Emily Wilson 2. Aaron Lane

Sunday Set-up Team Director: 1. Aaron Lane

Another Day of Questions Go to Person: 1. Susan Lane

Team Members Saturday 1-5PM: 

1. Barbara Wauters 2. Emily Wilson 3. Janet Adams  4. Kim Foree  5. Carol Glad 6. Aaron Lane  7.Lynn Ritter 8. Alanna McDermott 9. Susan Lane

Team Members Sunday 8AM-10AM:

1. Jeff Wax   2. Carol Glad 3. Kim Foree 4. Kevin and Natana 5. Lynn Ritter 6. Alanna McDermott 7. Aaron Lane 8. Susan Lane

Team Members with EZ-Ups:

1. Noelle Thompson 2. Devin Smith and Rebecca Kennedy-Smith (might have an EZ-up)? 3. Marlene and Cliff Bottenfield 4. Mark and Melanie 5. Kim Dunn

6. Katie Turner

Large Trash Cans for Waste, Compost, and Recycling:

1. Katie Turner 2.Bonnie and Guy Prudhomme 3. Gifford Teeple 4. Kieth and Cindy Wilson

Tables and Chairs from Live Oak Waldorf School:  

1. The Glessner Family 2. Kim Dunn

Clean-up Team

A team of 5-10 helpers is needed to manage compost, recycling, and waste, and to make everything disappear on Sunday evening! Thank you to the following Clean-Up folks!
Clean-up Team Czar: 1. __________
Driver to return tables & chairs to Live Oak Waldorf School  in their own (or Elizabeth's) truck the evening of Sunday Sept. 7th: 1. Kevin Danahar 2. Kim Dunn
Compost, Recycling and Waste Disposal Volunteer to make sure our host does not have to deal with our waste: 1. Carlyle Miller 2. Aaron Lane
Compost Building Master (to leave a compost heap gift to our host): 1. Sebastian Langen

Clean-up Team:

1. Christine Snow 2. Julia and Mary Simms  3. Carlyle Miller 4.Beth Murphy 

5. __________  6. __________  7. __________ 8. __________ 

Potluck Team

Four to people receive dishes and to keep the table well-stocked. Thank you to the following folks!
Potluck Team Leader: 1. Alanna McDermott
Potluck Servers:
 1. Barbara Wauters 2. Carol Glad 3. Karen and/or Robert Kho  4. Jocelyn Rodal  5. Daniel Allen  6. Rebecca Kennedy-Smith  7. Noelle Thompson

8. Lynn Ritter 9. Mark and Melanie 10. Holly Beardsley 11. Carlyle Miller 12. Kirsten

Dessert Team

Four people to cut fruit, whip cream, set-up the dessert table and make sure dessert happens. Thank you to the following folks!
Baker & Desert Team Leader: Aunt Cindy
Fruit Chauffeurs: Jasmine Season and Michelle Lockett
Wedding Day Dessert Team: 
1. Lynne Poirier 2. Barbara Wauters  3. Doug and Carol Davies 4.Lacy Davis   5. The Glessner Family  6. Jackie Kolinko

Parking Shepherds

Two shepherds to help parkers make efficient and courteous choices. Thank you shepherds!
 1. Brandon Lane 2. __________ 


Our host has asked us to find someone to supervise swimming at the pond, to make sure all children are safe. Children under the age of 12 need to have a parent present to enjoy the pond.

1. Jackie Kolinko 2. Kevin Danahar  3. Daniel Allen 4.Karen Kho 5. Marisha Finkler 6. Kim Dunn


Friend or family members interested in documenting the day's activities.

1. Edith Frampton 2. Evan Lovett-Harris 3.Paul and Wanda Fairman  4. Aaron Lane 5. Lynn Ritter 6. Natana and Kevin

Click here to tell us how you would like to support our special day. If you have questions please email

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