Here are some popular questions about the day, along with our answers:

Do I really need to use the form to RSVP?
Yes.  We need to know approximately how many people are coming so that we can prepare enough cake for everyone.  So, if you want people to have cake, we want you to RSVP.  Even if you don't know what you want to bring to the potluck, or don't know if you are able to help us with anything, please just let us know that you are coming.  
I'm coming from really far away!  What should I do about the potluck?  
Please don't worry.  If making a potluck dish proves to be logistically nightmarish, you are  still welcome to come, with or without a dish.  And still welcome to eat.  We (Elizabeth and Cale) will be working with a local chef to provide a substantial supplement to the diverse and bountiful dishes being prepared and shared by our guests.  We will also be providing a small amount of chairs and sit-places for our out-of-town guests to enjoy at the ceremony.
What should I wear?
Dress snazzually.  (Snazzual=snazzy+casual).  Look as good as you want.  Be as comfortable as you can.  This is Grass Valley, dude! But we still know how to look good!  Flip-flops and tuxedos, sarongs and bow-ties, whatever makes you feel festive.
Aren't you guys going to register for wedding gifts?
Thank you to those who have already sent us a stock pot and other wonderful gifts! 
In order to begin our marriage in the greatest of matrimonial bliss, there are two material things in this world that we want most of all:
1) a very fine mattress and bed, ensuring good nights' sleep for years to come, and
2) a wonderful honeymoon.
So, we are welcoming contributions to help us realize these dreams!  We have already made a trip to the mattress shop and chosen the mattress of our dreams, and for our honeymoon, we would love to relax and renew and revitalize ourselves at the Esalen institute in Big Sur over the winter holidays of 2014-2015.
We also understand that some people are more comfortable giving material things, and for those who would rather search for such a gift, we are in the process of compiling a short and sweet on-line gift registry.  It will be announced via email; stay tuned!
Is the wedding and reception really an alcohol-free event?
What is going to happen at the reception?
A lot of fun: lunch, dancing, cake, sharing, swimming.  But not necessarily in that order.  There will be a band playing and time for musicians to jam together.  There will also be a sign-up for an open-mic; although microphones will be absent, so please be ready to listen carefully and enunciate clearly.  We expect the festivities to go until about 4:00 in the afternoon, after which, we will need people to help clean-up the space!
Do you guys still need help with anything?
Yes.  We need a brave and generous person to offer the gift of leading the group in cleaning up--we also need people who plan to stay until the end, who are willing to help fold linens, put tables and chairs in pick-up trucks, and make sure our host can leave for a wedding in Italy the next day without worrying about litter blowing about her property while she is away.  We also need someone who can take the recycling and trash to their appropriate places.  And we still would like a couple of people to bring ez-ups and one or two parking shepherds.  There are many other things that will materialize as the date approaches, and we will keep you posted as best we can on that day. 
How are you doing with all the planning?
We are doing fine, thanks for asking!  Planning a wedding can be a little stressful, but it is just as fun and exciting and creative.  We are especially enjoying the art of crafting our ceremony together, with the help of our officiant.  Dresses have been found. It will be beautiful.  And thanks for all your support! 

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