Essay and Portrait Process

Initial Meeting

We will discuss the scope of your project, your budget, and answer any questions you have.

Project Brainstorm

Once you decide which services are right for you, we will meet to discuss the following so that we can develop the project plan:

  • The exact message or story you want to convey via photography

  • The final destination for the images: web/print; whether or not you envision words on top of the image (e.g., a logo, a campaign name/slogan etc.)

  • Brainstorm ideas about the kind of image you want--e.g., maybe you want an image of kids at a playground near an oil refinery that affects their health--this is the time when you tell me about these ideas.

Develop a Project Plan

I will provide you with three proposals. Once you have decided exactly what you would like photographically, we will develop a project plan based on your needs. This plan includes:

  • Dates and Timelines

  • Details about model releases (if necessary)

  • Project Budget

Finalized Project

Once photographs are taken and post production is finished, the final file(s) will be delivered to your designer(s) and select images from the project will be uploaded to the Elizabeth J. Lane Photography website with a link to your website (if you have one).