With the support of the Haas Scholar's Program I faced the following question: "What does it mean to be an 'older adult' in Berkeley, CA?" In this city, adults begin to enjoy the benefits of 'Senior Programs'; and hence, the tag name 'older'; at the ripe young age of 55. The Elderly Among Us, both subjective and documentary in nature, explores the tension between viewing aging as number categories—as service agencies often must—and the experience of aging—what you and I are doing right now. The biological ages of the people I photographed range from 55-105 (that's half a century age range!) and many of these folks do not feel "older" in any defining categorical sense.
Malia Stofel, age 80Alice at North Berkeley Senior Center, age 61½Elder ActivismLily Hearst, age 105Malcolm, age 55Would you like to dance?Hate Man, age 66Allen Stross, age 79 ½Cheryl Beauchamp, age 65Cheryl and NolanDunken, age 61Johnie Poindexter, age 83Carolyn, age 57Catherine Thomas, age 82May L. Browning age, 64Vito Lab, age 73Celler ThriftPrice Taging @ Cellar ThriftJohn S., age 65Hubert Dreyfus, age 75