Anna Rosales owns and operates a small organic farm in Nosara, a small village on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. She was born Nosara, but grew up in Heredia, just outside San Jose in the Central Valley. Anna invited some friends of mine and me to her farm for lunch in July of 2010. We gladly accepted.

She explained that before she started her farm, she owned a soda (small restaurant) in San Jose. Many of her clients were doctors because of her reputation for cooking tasty healthy food. She lost the soda to thieves, and upon asking her neighbors if they saw what happened, they told her that they saw moving boxes and a big truck, and thought she had hired someone to help her pack and move. It was after this horrible loss that her father gave her a small plot of land and a machete, and said “See what you can do with that.” This farm is a result of her incredible hard work and her resolve not to give up.

Anna asked me to tell travelers that she would love to have volunteers stay at her farm. She can provide a place to camp close to the beach, and three meals a day in exchange for work. If you would like to visit Anna's farm to volunteer, or perhaps stop by for a meal, contact Deborah ( Deborah is a friend of Anna's and has offered to make arrangements with Anna, as Anna does not have internet access in her home.
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